Fantutti.com is a simple, searchable index of classical concerts throughout Europe, North America, and the UK. Over 100 orchestras and festivals are indexed. More are added on an ongoing basis.

Every concert listing is the same, showing the orchestra or presenter, concert title, date, time, venue, geolocation map, performers,  and program. Concerts can be searched by keyword, orchestra/presenter, and date(s) across all geographic areas. Repeat performances have separate listings.

To search concert listings, enter optional keywords, orchestra/presenter filter (multiple selections are possible), and date range. The reset button clears all fields and shows all concerts in order, starting with the next one.

Fantutti also includes both a calendar and world map of concerts.

Fantutti’s concert listings are in the MusicEvent schema,  part of Schema.org, an HTML markup vocabulary for structured data on the internet founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex.

How often is the information updated?

About once a week.

Does Fantutti promote specific concerts or organizations?

No. Information is displayed in calendar order or by search term. No additional information is added and no concerts are promoted, sponsored or endorsed.

How can I request a specific orchestra be added?

Contact us.