About Fantutti.com

Fantutti.com makes it easy to find classical concerts throughout Europe, North America, and the UK, by organizing concert information into a simple, searchable interface.

Fantutti makes concert information clean, uniform, and searchable. Each listing includes only: the orchestra, concert title, date, time, location, performers and program. This information can be searched by keyword across all included orchestras and geographic areas. Repeat performances of the same program have separate listings.

Extraneous content is removed. Program notes, summaries, artist bios, promotions, advertising and marketing copy,  copyrighted text, and all other non-essential information is stripped. The unified format makes all concerts equally searchable and discoverable, whether you are searching for single concert, or a whole series.

Fantutti’s concert listings are in the MusicEvent schema,  part of Schema.org, an HTML markup vocabulary for structured data on the internet founded by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Yandex.

Where does the concert information come from?

The information comes directly from orchestras’ websites.  If you find incorrect information, please let us know.

Is copyrighted information included?

No. If you notice any content of this kind on Fantutti, please notify us.

How often is the information updated?

About once a week.

Does Fantutti promote specific concerts or organizations?

No. Information is displayed in calendar order or by search term. No additional information is added and no concerts are promoted, sponsored or endorsed.

Is Fantutti associated with any orchestra or performing arts organization?


How can I request a specific orchestra be added?

Contact us.